Family Roots Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Policies 



Our policies have been written to help protect Family Roots Farm and its members. Please review them carefully prior to signing up for our Community Supported Agriculture Program. By making your CSA deposit you agree to the terms and policies of Family Roots Farm CSA Program.


Payment Policy - All payments for CSA memberships are to be paid in full by April 1st 2021. If full payment is not received by this date we hold the right to refill the membership. Deposits on CSA memberships are 20% of the total membership fee and are considered Non-refundable. Account credits will not be added to a membership until payment is received in full.


Cancellation Policy - If you wish to cancel your Membership for any reason we require 2 weeks notice. Upon cancellation we will refund you any remaining credit balance to your account minus the 20% non refundable deposit. Refund will be issued within 30 days.


Exchange Policy - If you are un-satisfied with the quality of your produce, we will exchange it within 24 hours, with the return of the product. No refunds. Family Roots Farm holds the right to refuse in certain cases.


Share Policy - Produce catalogs will be sent out weekly on Sundays by 9am to each member via email. It is your responsibility to review the catalog and make your selection to fill your weekly “share” no later than 9pm Monday. If no selections are made during the open period of your weekly catalog you will be considered on “vacation” and no “share” will be available for that period. If you are unable to make your selection via email, you can call the farm during the catalog open period to have the selection made for you on your behalf. “Shares” are packed in reusable tote bags provided by Family Roots Farm. Each member will have 2 bags assigned to them for the duration of the season. It is each members responsibility for the care of each reusable bag they receive as well as the return each week during pick up or delivery. A $4.00 charge will be deducted from a members account credits in the case a bag is damaged or not returned. Every member will get to keep the reusable bag from the final delivery at the end of the season free of charge.


Pickup Policy - All members will have the ability to select whether to pickup or have delivered their “share” on a week to week basis. Pickups are on Wednesdays and Fridays during our store hours and are subject to change. It is the responsibility of each member to make sure your share is picked up the day of your selection or advise Family Roots Farm of any changes prior to store closing. If no notice is received then your share will be donated locally. Deliveries will be made on Wednesdays starting at 9am, it is each members responsibility for their “share” after delivery is made. It is our recommendation to provide a shaded, cool area for delivery to be placed in the case no one is available to accept it. Delivery fees depend on the area to be delivered to and are deducted from your account credits. 


End of Season Policy - Any credits that are remaining to a membership at the end of the season are non-refundable, though can be transferred to the following season with a renewed membership.


Family Roots Farm holds the right to make any changes to their policies in the case of protecting the integrity of the CSA program and its members. In the case of any changes to the CSA policies it is Family Roots Farm responsibility to provide written update to its members via email.


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