CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

CSA is a relatively new concept of farming that directly links the consumer to the farmer. How it works is you, the shareholder buy a “share” of the harvest before the season starts. Once the season starts you can either pick up or have delivered your share of freshly harvested, healthy vegetables

How does the community support the farm?


A community’s investment in CSA provides the farm with resources to successfully harvest season after season. Part of being a CSA member is making the choice to support local sustainable agriculture.


How does the farm support the community?


Members will get to know where

their food comes from, Will

Get to visit the farm, Will

receive a variety of fresh

produce, and meet the

farmers that grow it.

What We Offer


CSA is a direct link to your local farmer and a weekly share of the harvest. CSA Members enjoy fresh, healthy produce all season long, grown all in one place by one farm. Family Roots Farm.


Our season is 16 weeks and starts Sunday June 13th 2021 and runs until Friday October 1st 2021.


CSA shares can be picked up at our farm on Wednesdays OR Fridays during our store hours. Delivery is also available weekly to certain areas. Fees are charged to account credits and vary depending on location.



CSA members will receive a weekly catalog and select from a list of just harvested produce to fill the weekly share and receive only the highest quality.



To become a member, Click the link below to

create your Family Roots Farm account.

Full Share / $500.00

Half share / $250.00

Receive a Bonus 5% on all memberships


Please review our                         


How It All Works


Pick from either full or half. Full share is best suited for a family of 4 where as the half is more suited for a family of 2. Once you have decided which share is best, you will create your Family Roots Farm account where you will have access to all your weekly shares and account credits. 


Once the season gets underway you will be able to sign in to your account and custom select from a weekly catalog the produce you wish to receive in the quantity you wish to receive it in. No limits to what or how much per week, your selection will simply be deducted from your account credits.


Members will also get to choose to pickup or have delivered their share on a week to week basis. On vacation this week? Simply don't make any selection for the week and have more credits for the next week. Run out of credits before the season ends? No problem, members can top up their credits any time during the season.

Gift cards also available, click link below.


Our Fresh Produce



Beans, Green

Beans, Yellow



Cucumber, Pickling

Cucumber, Field




Lettuce, Leaf

Lettuce, Romaine

Mesclun Mix


Onions, Green

Onions, Red

Onions, Yellow

Bell Peppers


Salad Turnip

Snow Peas


Sugar Snap Peas

Swiss Chard

Tomato, Beefsteak 

Tomato, Cherry

Tomato, Heirloom 

Yellow Squash




  Just want you to know how much we have enjoyed our weekly veggies. My mother, who is a little forgetful, asked me 6 times this evening after delivery if we could do it again next year. I am ready to sign up as soon as you are ready to accept customers. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Sincerly,

     -Metje Sprague.


  Thank you for growing and delivering the delicious produce. Our daughter refused to eat store lettuce, she will only eat the lettuce you grow! We look forward to your weekly bag of fresh veggies!

     -The Mahaffy Family.

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